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Development Partner

The CUSP programme of GIZ helps us immensely to develop our organization, supporting with the strategic plan, and  our accounts system.

This website has been produced with the assistance of the European Union and the German government. The contents are the sole responsibility of Children Care Uganda (CCU) and can under no circumstances be regarded as reflecting the position of the European Union or the German government


Development Partner & Donor

The aid organization of Lufthansa Group is supporting us to enlarge our activitiy portfolio by sponsoring practical skill training. In addition, Lufthansa volunteers help us with translation work and website design.

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Advising Partner

Feed the Children Gulu is an organization close to our own as the Director acts as our first chairperson. We are proud that our relationship is built upon  ‘encouragement’, ‘trust’ and  ‘value’.

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KAB provides a sharing platform for CCU, offering our organization time and space to share stories at their events as well as supporting us several times with finances. We love the positive atmosphere and the encouragement they surround us with.

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Advising Partner & Donor

 Through close relationship and unity in prayer we feel encouraged by Jedidja and are thankful for their support by giving us their income of several events.


Representative & Recommendation

We are part of the Gulu NGO forum, where non-profits in Gulu are registered to receive advice and guidance in operating and developing their organisation.

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The Kindergarten donated towards CCU and Mimi visited them to tell the children about Uganda and our work. They danced, found Uganda on the world map, and listened to local music. We love exchanging hope and love for children with other institutions.

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Financial Partner

Sparkasse Mainfranken Würzburg is our cooperating bank from Germany.


Donor Organisation

We thank Trivago Footprint for their donation in 2019, which helped us to not only purchase a car, but also to develop our rehabilitation centre and build our youth centre. We give special thanks to the outstanding efforts of Marta and Natalie, who initiated the contact.

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Advising Partner

We maintain close contact with Save the Children, who offer advice on a broad range of topics,  in order to build upon and strengthen our organization.

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Advising Partner

The Canadian organization brings hope to people in northern Uganda. We can identify with each other in our hearts through our will to help people, exchange ideas and advise on how to nurture the growth of both organizations.



Chris, a personal trainer, and his wife are monthly donors and friends of the CCU. They have visited us twice in Gulu and continue to unfalteringly encourage and support us throughout.

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Activity Partner

Mimi regularly volunteers at St. Jude Children’s Home to support children living with disabilities while building relationships with the caretakers and children. Through this established relationship we can always share ideas and seek advice from the management of St. Jude.

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Activity Partner

The founder of Amani is one of our board members and we value the exchange of ideas. Amani ya juu, “peace from above”, held several activities to encourage our youth in prayer and give spiritual guidance.

St. Lioba Logo.jpg


The “Förderverein für das Liobahöfle e.V.“ of the church community St. Lioba Lengfeld, supports us through promoting us and providing a platform for presentations and conversations with the church members.

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Financial Partner

Centenary Bank Gulu is our responsive local bank for international bank transfer and advice.

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