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CCU Soccer Tournament 2023
5000 Participants
2 weeks tournament
mental health & Sports approach

A healthy adolescent development requires good mental health because it

helps young people develop positive social, emotional, intellectual, and

communication skills and behaviours. In order to combat stigma and

break down social barriers that prevent young people in Gulu City/District

from seeking help, Children Care Uganda is starting a grassroots mental

health campaign through its community outreach program by organizing a

soccer tournament. The campaign will focus on the three "As" of

Awareness, Advocacy, and Action. Its goal is to increase the knowledge​ and awareness of mental health among youth in Gulu City and Gulu


Key Highlights


23th of October 2023 - 3rd of November 2023

Target Area & Beneficiaries

Youth: Both non-school going and school going in Gulu city will be the

campaign target and football clubs will be targeted to play the



To raise awareness of mental health issues among the youth in Gulu

City/District and to mobilize efforts in support of mental health.


The campaign will use play-and-learn approach to educate young people about mental health and provide them with peer support opportunities.

Key mental health activities

Mental health match

Mindfulness practice

Mental health camp

Have basic easily accessible mental health​ information

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Be a part of this

To cover the costs of in total 4,500 Euros we need YOUR kind support in terms of in-kind donations, volunteering support or financial contribution.

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